The Contagious Desire to Talk About All Things Cats

Our Cats

Amos is a 2 year old American Shorthair who was adopted, along with his brother Oliver, from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago in 2008.  His owners eventually decided to separate the two boys and now Amos lives with his incredibly patient owner, H. Amos enjoys outside time, belly rubs and knocking things on the floor.

Washoo and Laci live with their owner, M.

Washoo is 10 and was rescued by M's grandfather.  She came to live with M in 2005.  Washoo likes sitting in windows and dipping her paws into water glasses.  She chirps when you pet her hard enough. She is a ham for attention and visitors are obligated to pet her. 

On the other hand, visitors doubt Laci's existence.  Laci is a five year old scaredy cat who is terrified of everyone but M.  Laci likes eating M's clothing and electrical wires. She also could stand to lose a few pounds.

Both Laci and Washoo enjoy puking on M's belongings.
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