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Monday, October 25, 2010

Patty Cake

It's been a while since H or I have had the time to post anything, but had to share this cute video.

- M

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cat Poop - Advanced formula

Well, the product field test is complete. The cat poop has proven effective in keeping squirrels away.

But, only away at what you put the cat poop by. It seems as though the coworker who needed it for her tree problem now has an issue with the porch. The squirrels have migrated away from the tree and now are a menace on the porch.

I delivered a fresh sample yesterday. The specimen was so strong that I have to put it in four bags and she put it in a fifth when I gave it to her.

Where will the squirrels create trouble now?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cat Entrepreneur

I have a great idea for a business. The market might not be very large, but imagine my production costs will be very low.

The business idea you ask . . . Selling cat poop.

Of course I am not serious, but a coworker was when she asked if I could bring in some cat poop for her.

See she has some troublesome squirrel making a mess in her yard. It climbs up her tree and knocks the berries off. A friend of hers recommended putting cat poop at the base of the tree to keep away the squirrel. Apparently squirrels hate cat poop. As I am the only cat owner she knows she asked me.

Why there is a problem with the squirrel knocking off the berries when they are going to fall anyway, I don't know.

- M

While I normally like to include photos, I didn't think a picture of cat poop was appropriate. Instead, here is a picture of another cat.

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